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30 bottles of Prolom Water (1.5L)

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Minimal mineral content in an optimal ratio. You can consume it every day in unlimited quantities as a high-quality drinking water.

Its pH level of 8.8-9.2 neutralizes acidity, restores the quality of blood and lymph, optimizes all metabolic processes, positively affects the function of all organs and bodily systems – especially the kidneys – and orients all metabolic processes in the direction of regeneration and youth-enhancement.

  • Si (silicon), a naturally occurring and organic element in the form of metasilicic acid, is effective against aging; varicose veins and cellulite; and the wear and deformation of cartilage, bone and connective tissue, skin, hair, and nails
  • Na + (sodium) supports the body's acid-alkaline balance and normalizes the water-salt exchange and blood pressure.
  • SO4 2+ (organic sulfur) is a natural antiseptic. It slows down the aging process and protects the body from radiation and other harmful effects of the environment.

Premium natural mineral water with unique composition:

  • Unique natural pH value of 8.8-9.2 - the best to keep the right pH balance of the body. Very important for health to compensate high acids level from our daily life
  • Bottled directly at its source in the pristine mountain forests of the Balkan peninsula, at an elevation of 680 m (2,231 ft) above sea level
  • Transported to Hong Kong in temperature-controlled containers, preserving all of the water's natural, healthy properties, stored in temperature controlled warehouse 
  • Recommended for active individuals, athletes, children and students
  • Naturally detoxifies the body, normalizes appetite and improves digestion, boosts energy levels and mental acuity, and neutralizes the effects of stress
  • Takes years away from the body at the cellular level and improves the skin
  • Particularly recommended on days when mental and/or physical strength and alertness need to be at the highest level, when concentration and focus are essential, drink more Prolom Water in order to gather and sustain health and well-being.