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Delivery note

  • Order will be delivered within 7 days.
  • Delivery will be delayed if a typhoon signal No.8 is raised or a black rainstorm warning is in effect.
  • Delivery services to outlying islands are subject for further confirmation.
  • Free delivery will be provided for special offers.
  • Home delivery is not available to areas that cannot be reached directly by our vehicles, or buildings without a functioning lift.
  • Please note that all goods will be delivered as scheduled and to the best of our ability. We aim to deliver the goods when there is somebody in. We cannot accept responsibility for goods left outside at the customer's request.
  • If any Product proves to have been delivered in a damaged condition, past its sell by date, omitted in the delivery, or if the wrong Product is delivered, Planinka Asia-Pacific Limited shall either refund to the Customer the Price of that Product, or replace the Product. Customers must notify within 24 hours of receipt of the delivery.
  • If any Product which was not included in the Customer's order is delivered to the Customer by mistake, Planinka Asia-Pacific Limited or its logistic agent reserves the right to collect the wrong Product delivered.
  • If the Customer has been charged for a Product which has not been delivered, Planinka Asia Pacific Limited shall refund to the Customer the Price of that Product as originally charged to the Customer.
  • If a Customer is charged more than the Price of a Product, Planinka Asia-Pacific Limited shall refund to the Customer the difference.
  • Planinka Asia Pacific Limited will not refund or exchange goods or rectify discrepancies 7 days after delivery.
  • In case of dispute, Planinka Asia-Pacific Limited reserve the right of final decision.
For any inquires please contact:
Whatsapp: +852 6758 1272 or  +852 5345 2951