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Water for fitness and sport

Posted by Valeria Ivanova on

A proper drinking regimen during intensive physical training is vital for maintaining health.

 During physical activity, the following processes occur:

  • The body temperature rises and, if there is a lack of water, disrupts thermoregulation
  • With dehydration, the blood becomes viscous and the heart works in emergency mode
  • As it perspires, the body loses important minerals necessary for the functioning of the nervous system and muscles, weakening mental concentration and physical coordination
  • Acidification of blood and muscle occurs


For these reasons, it's important to know what water to drink, how to drink it correctly and in what quantities for sports, jogging and fitness.


Water for sports training must:

  • Be natural
  • Contain all important micronutrients
  • Have a natural pH of 8+
  • Be easily digested and quickly excreted


Prolom Water – a natural, highly alkaline mineral water from the very heart of Europe – is a rare, very high quality water that meets all four criteria for the complete protection of your health and optimal physical performance.

Athletes often complain that drinking ordinary water before or during training results in discomfort. Prolom Water completely solves this problem: it is absorbed and eliminated easily and imperceptibly, without disturbing your comfort.


Here are a few recommendations.

  • The way you drink water before exercise matters. One to two hours before you begin, drink a couple of glasses of Prolom Water, and then one more glass in the 15 minutes leading up to exercise, this time in small sips.
  • The muscles and heart need moisture during exercise, and it is also important to maintain the alkaline balance. Sipping Prolom Water every 15 minutes during exercise or jogging will completely protect your body from moisture loss, replenish the concentration of trace elements and neutralize acidification. A small 0.5L bottle of Prolom Water is easy to take with you to drink before, during and after your workout.
  • Exercising in hot weather puts particular strain on the body. Whether at the track or fitness center, keep a small bottle of Prolom Water at hand and take 1-2 sips every 5-10 minutes.

 Wishing you health and pleasure in all your sports activities!




  •  體溫升高,如果缺水,則會擾亂體溫調節
  •  脫水後,血液變得粘稠,心臟在緊急模式下工作
  • 出汗時,身體失去了神經系統和肌肉功能所必需的重要礦物質,削弱了精神集中和身體協調
  •  血液和肌肉發生酸化





  • 天然
  •  含有所有重要的微量營養素
  •  有一個天然的pH 8+
  •  容易吸收並迅速排出體外


Prolom天然水 - 來自歐洲中心地帶的天然高鹼性礦泉水 - 是一種珍稀高品質飲用水,符合全部四項標準,可全面保護您的健康和保持身體最佳狀態。





  •  運動前您喝水的方式很重要。開始前一到兩個小時,喝幾杯Prolom天然水,然後在鍛煉前15分鐘內再喝一杯,這次以小啜飲。
  •  運動時肌肉和心臟需要水分,維持鹼性平衡也很重要。 在運動或慢跑期間每15分鐘喝一次Prolom天然水,可以完全保護您的身體免受水分流失,補充微量元素的濃度并中和酸化。 一小瓶容量為0.5升的Prolom 天然水容易攜帶,在鍛煉前、鍛煉期間和鍛煉後為您解渴。
  • 在炎熱的天氣中鍛煉會對身體造成特別的壓力。 無論是在賽道還是健身中心,都需要準備一小瓶Prolom天然水,每5-10分鐘啜飲1-2口。



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