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The benefits of PROLOM Water for mothers-to-be

Posted by Valeria Ivanova on

It’s not only possible, but also important to drink PROLOM Water during pregnancy. This is because of PROLOM Water’s unique composition and properties, namely: its minimal mineral content, pH level of 8.8–9.2, rapid absorption by the body and quick elimination from the body, which reduces swelling and normalizes digestion.


  • Normalizes the acidity of the stomach and the outflow of bile!
  • Provides excellent hydration at the cellular level + natural, gentle detoxification
  • Protects against pathogens, the effects of radiation and other harmful emissions, thanks to its natural antiseptic and protective properties

 With PROLOM Water during your entire pregnancy, you can

  • Drink as much water as you want, without having to reduce your intake of fluids.
  • Forget about swelling.
  • Say goodbye to nausea.
  • Maintain a normal blood pressure.
  • Feel great, inside and out, every day.
  • Create the very best conditions for the development of your baby.

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