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PROLOM WATER FOR HEALTHY SKIN AND BALANCING YOUR WEIGHT. Why is the water's high pH so important for those who live in urban environments?

Posted by Valeria Ivanova on

Improve your skin's condition with the help of Prolom Water.

The pH level of 8.8+ restores health and balance at the cellular level by neutralizing acidity.

Because of acidity, the body's metabolic process slows down, which can lead to weight gain, accumulation of toxins, aging and lack of vitality.

  • Even if we eat high-quality foods, the digestive process will always create organic waste in the form of acid, which must be removed from the body in order to restore the alkaline balance and preserve health and youth.
  • Another cause of acidification is constant stress, which almost all inhabitants of cities experience, especially in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, stress can neutralize and even peroxidize an alkaline diet with just one wave of adrenaline.

Prolom Water's pH level of 8.8+ helps to solve this problem. If you drink half a glass of Prolom Water 20-30 minutes before eating, you'll want to eat much less, and feel full sooner. The body feels lighter, toxins and excess fluid are eliminated, puffiness under the eyes disappears, and weight is normalized.

Another important element, absolutely necessary for everyone's skin – and especially women's – is the organic sulfur contained in Prolom Water in the form of ions. Passing into the blood, sulfide ions activate the synthesis of collagen, elastin, enzymes and hormones, which does not occur without sulfur. Sulfur ions help regenerate the deep layers of the skin. The skin appears firmer and tighter, cleared of toxins.


What bodily processes does Prolom Water influence, causing rejuvenation and weight normalization?

The high pH level of 8.8+ in Prolom Water starts the regenerative processes in the digestive system, and food begins to be absorbed better.

The elimination of toxins improves, and your energy level significantly increases.

At the same time, the acid-base balance is normalized and excessive acidification is eliminated. The body begins to rejuvenate.



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