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Not all waters are healthy -- be sure to look at the composition of the water that you buy and drink!

Do we know what kind of water we drink every day?

Good nutrition has become a norm in modern life. We know when and what foods to eat in order to stay healthy and active, and how to cook properly so that food retains all its healthy vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

And we understand the importance of drinking pure water every day; we know how to calculate the volume we need by weight and level of activity.

But do we pay attention to the composition of the water?

Distilled water – is it healthy?

 Did you know that in Hong Kong, on the shelves of many shops you’ll find distilled water? 

What is that?! It is water from which all impurities have been completely removed, both harmful substances and all those that are healthy and necessary for the body. This water is still classified as hard, or demineralized. Distilled water has a weakly acidic medium with a pH level of 5.4–6.6. 

The most common use of distilled water is in chemical laboratories, in the preparation of chemical solutions and for testing and rinsing chemical dishes after washing. 

 That said, distilled water also suitable for drinking.

The World Health Organization in 2011 noted that there is insufficient data to establish the lower (and upper) limits of water hardness in terms of its impact on human health. However, since potable water can be an important source of calcium, potassium, magnesium and other minerals and electrolytes, when using demineralized water in water sources it is recommended to add calcium and magnesium salts at the levels found in the natural water of the area. At the same time, of course, the pH indicator does not change.


What is healthy in Prolom Water, and why is it recommended by nutritionists?

PROLOM Water belongs to a group of rare oligomineral high-alkaline thermal waters (29–33С, or 84.2–91.4F, at the source). All minerals in PROLOM Water are at an optimal ratio and quantity and work as a complex. Here’s a closer look at the composition of PROLOM Water: 

 1. pH 8.8-9.2. Alkaline water has a higher pH level than conventional drinking water, which means it neutralizes acidity in the body. High levels of acidity in the body can lead to disease; to prevent this, restore the alkaline balance of the blood and lymph as soon as possible by drinking natural alkaline water.  PROLOM Water’s high pH level is provided by HCO3- hydrogen carbonate ions, which occur in their natural form in PROLOM Water. It is precisely these buffer substances that regulate the constancy of the acid-alkaline reaction of blood, that is, pH. Their most important role in the body is to neutralize the H+ ions in bodily fluids, i.e., neutralize the acidity. This naturally restores blood and lymph quality, detoxifies at the cellular level and optimizes every single metabolic process. What’s more, it has a very positive effect on the work of all of the body’s organs and systems, especially the kidneys, and switches the metabolic processes towards rejuvenation and regeneration!

2. PROLOM Water contains natural organic silicon in the form of metasilicic acid ions. The silicon in the composition of metasilicic acid is rightly considered an effective anti-aging agent.

Metasilicic acid is an integral part of the human body, especially important for connective tissues, skin, ligaments, tendons, hair and nails. Supplementation in the form of additional nutrition is necessary in cases when the body is experiencing an acute shortage of silicic acid due to insufficient intake of it with food, a decrease in the absorption of silicon by the body in connection with a metabolic disorder, or during the processes of wear and deformation of the cartilaginous, bone and connective tissues due to illness, old age or strenuous sports training. Silicic acid is also beneficial to people suffering from natural congenital weakness of connective tissue, which is one of the causes of varicose veins and cellulite. 

3.The natural Na+ ions contained in PROLOM Water normalize the water-salt metabolism and maintain the acidic-basic balance in the body. They also generate the functions of the nervous and muscular system, which is especially important for athletes and active people. In addition, Na+ activates the enzymes of the salivary and pancreatic glands, participates in the production of gastric juice, encourages vasodilation and maintains the osmotic concentration of blood, which normalizes blood pressure. 

4. The organic sulfur in PROLOM Water in the form of SO4 2- ions actively helps the body to fight harmful bacteria, protecting the protoplasm of the blood. Sulfur is a natural antiseptic! It also helps maintain the normal concentration of bile produced by the body, which is necessary for proper digestion of food.

Sulfur has the remarkable property of slowing down the organism’s aging processes! For this reason, we can call sulfur the queen of macroelements. This deceleration is possible thanks to sulfur’s ability to protect the body from radiation and other similar environmental influences.

But the most important thing is that PROLOM Water is an oligomineral water, that is, the content of all trace elements in its composition is minimal, but highly effective!!! You can drink it every day in unlimited quantities, like ordinary drinking water, while getting the most benefit for the body.

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