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 Are the recommendations for other mineral waters the same as for drinking Prolom Water?

Posted by Ivan Ivanov on

Each mineral water has its own specific use. It all depends on the mineral composition of the water and the amount of minerals dissolved in it. If a water is not tasteless, consume it with caution or with the advice of a doctor. The only waters safe to drink every day in unlimited quantities and for an extended period are oligomineral waters with low mineral content, so as not to burden the body. Of this group of mineral waters, alkaline waters like Prolom Water are especially beneficial.

Our body needs water: it is 70% of our body weight and is involved in all significant physical processes. For that reason, it is extremely important to hydrate adequately on a daily basis with a natural, lightly mineralized, alkaline water that does not burden the body.

Prolom Water is a perfect choice. No other water possesses the Prolom’s unique characteristics.

Prolom Water belongs to a group of rare low mineral content waters with unique therapeutic  characteristics:
High alkalinity (pH 9.2) - makes Prolom Water ideal for establishing a balanced pH
Low content of soluble minerals - allows people of all ages to consume in unlimited quantities
Detoxification action - removes toxins, free radicals and harmful substances from cells
High hydration ability - quickly absorbed, it hydrates and refreshes the entire body
Alkaline waters such as Prolom Water are known worldwide as the fountain of youth, because they neutralize any increased acidity and restore pH balance.


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