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An ideal water for sport activities

Posted by Valeria Ivanova on

Prolom Water is a unique, natural, alkaline drinking water of premium quality. 

An ideal water for sport activities

  • A pH level of 8.8+ supports the body when working at any level of exertion
  • Provides ideal hydration before, after and during training - it’s quickly absorbed and quickly eliminated without burdening the body 
  • Contains all the necessary minerals in an ideal ratio for quick recovery


  • 不管在何種工作強度下工作時,pH8.8+都能為身體提供支持
  • 在訓練之前,之後和訓練期間提供理想的保濕效果 - 迅速吸收並迅速消除,不會給身體帶來負擔
  • 含有理想比例的所有必需礦物質,幫助身體快速復原


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